1. The candidates shall abide by the rules and regulations in force and those that may be issued by the Institution from time to time.
2. The medium of instruction and examination shall be English.
3. The timing of classes are from 8. 25 am to 4.00 pm.
4. Enrollment in the Institution implies, on the part of the trainees and parents/guardian, willingness to comply with the requirements and regulations of the school.
5. Use of mobile phone and other electronic devices for entertainment in the campus is strictly forbidden. Once confiscated the Mobile will not be given back and the security Money will not be given back at any circumstances.
6. No other studies are permitted during the training period. All final examinations are held in the month of December and July.
7. Every trainee should have his/her own text books and tools for practical. Trainees are responsible for the safe custody of their belongings.
8. Re-examination and tests are not held for students who are absent.
9. The institution cannot be held responsible for accidents small or serious, to trainees during the working hours or during other co-curricular activities.
10. While leaving the work place, ensure that the electrical and other appliances are switched off.
11. Keep the places of training always clean and in order.
12. In all matters of discipline, promotion and failure, the director’s/Principal’s decision is final.
13. All trainees must wear uniform every day. (Formal black shoes, shirt or T-Shirt (Wednesday and Saturday), Black pant (no Jeans), School sweater or jacket. Students with improper Uniform will be marked absent and 30% of the total attendance will be deducted.
14. Well Groomed hair and simple cutting. Hairstyle not in keeping with normal refinement will not be allowed in school.
15. No earings, chains, caps, any other junk jewellery is allowed in the school campus.
16. Breaking of rules and regulations is considered a serious offence to the school authority, thus the defaulter can be dismissed from the school any time of the year.


1. The trainees are to behave with decorum, show respect to the staff and authorities and friendliness and good manners towards companions.
2. Conduct inconsistent with the moral tone of the institute, viz. habitual neglect of work or failure to respond to official notices, objectionable reading materials or images, smoking and use of tobacco, betel-nut, alcohol or drugs in any form, stealing, immorality and causing communal disharmony will invite severe punishment which may include dismissal.
3. Damage caused to equipment and property will have to be made good by the trainee. In case the offender is not identified, damage will be recovered from the whole group concerned.
4. No act of indiscipline, insubordination, demonstration, interference in the administration, disrespect to any member of the staff, disrespect to any religion or community by the trainees or parents shall not be tolerated and the delinquent may even be expelled from the school.


1. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, dis- obedience, conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school are sufficient reasons for dismissal of a trainee at any time of the year. Those habitually sick or otherwise irregular may be asked to discontinue. One whose misconduct is liable to be injurious to others may be dismissed.
2. Late arrival is a breach of discipline. A trainee who comes late to school must enter the date and time in “Regularity record” and five late arrivals will be calculated as a day of absence. Trainees who come late habitually may be sent back home.
3. A trainee who has been absent for Ten calendar days or more without due authorization from the Principal will be considered as having left the institute and his/her name struck off the rolls and may not be re-admitted, and/or he/she will be suspended from the school for an equal number of days that was absent and this in turn will affect the promotion to any examination.
4. Trainees are to submit a written application and get permission from Principal prior to taking long leave (more than 3 days). Absences for more than three days on account of sickness or physical inability are to produce a medical certificate.
5. Each trainee must have his/her identity card and school diary and bring them to the institute daily.
6. Trainees who return late to school after vacation are liable to forfeit their seat. They may be allowed to rejoin the classes after readmission if authorities think appropriate.
7. A trainee is allowed to appear for NCVET examination provided he/ she is qualified i.e. 80% attendance and pass in qualifying examination). All trainees who undergo FVT/Non-formal courses are awarded a certificate by the institute at the completion of their training. However, lost hours are to be made up by the trainees to obtain this certificate.


1. Trainees who have not cleared their fees will be debarred from sitting for any examinations.
2. Concession on fees is awarded to trainees on the basis of conduct, application study and practical and genuine poverty. However, if a student fails or seen unworthy, any concession he or she may enjoy may be withdrawn or reduced.
3. Fees are to be paid quarterly (August-October, November-January, February-April, and May-July). The security deposit paid on admission will be returned to the trainee only on completion of the course. To collect it the trainee must produce the ID and the School Diary. If a candidate discontinues or is asked to discontinue, the security deposit will not be refunded.
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